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Do OYEA blades are as good as those sold by manufacturers cutting machines?
In fact, our quality standards, as blades and punching tools are concerned, is superior to that offered by machine manufacturers. In some cases, reaching 100% more life than "original" knives even better cut quality and productivity of the machine. Do not forget that the quality of the blade is fundamental to the general performance of cutting machines and in many cases, the original blades are usually of low quality despite its high price.

 Why are the prices offered by OYEA much lower?
First, we must not forget that machine manufacturers do not produce themselves the blades, punching tools or other consumables consumed by machines. These supplies are ordered from companies like ours. For this reason and for the dynamics of the distribution network used by manufacturers of cutting tables; supplies pass through several hands before reaching the final consumer

Moreover, large structural costs that support manufacturers of machinery are inevitably passed on to the price of consumables.

With Oyea, the opposite happens; our customers buy our products firsthand and take advantage of a specialized model of business and sales On-line.
Thus, all the added value of our products is concentrated in the quality of materials, manufacturing processes and services associated with distribution. Moreover, being a multi-brand supplier, we move much higher volumes of business that them, and this affects the fall in raw material costs and production in general.

 How Oyea quality reaches levels higher than the original products?
Basically for three reasons. The first has to do with the high investment ratio attributed to buying of raw materials.
In fact, selling on-line, we reduce the maximum structural and commercial costs, allowing us to offer very competitive prices in spite of producing our tools with raw materials of the highest order.
The second are the much higher volumes we move, because we are multi-brand manufacturer, compared with those move from the machinery manufacturers that only produce for their machines.
Finally, it has much to do, our exclusive dedication to our products. For a manufacturer of machinery, blades, punching tools and otherconsumables, are the least of their problemswhere they put less resources and time for research, testing anddevelopment.where they put less resources and time for research, testing and development. In our case, is the central focus of our business so that, the vast majority of our resources are focused on the excellence of our consumable tools.

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